We are hiring new faculty members to help driving our research and education programs. Our vision is to be an innovative driving force of the highest scholarly and entrepreneurial quality. Our mission is to inspire and educate engineers capable of pursuing fundamental engineering problems and important societal challenges. We strive to accomplish this with the highest commitment to quality, integrity, and respect for others. We are interested in applicants who are committed and have passion for a culturally diverse environment in research and/or teaching, and demonstrate a willingness to nurture the uniquely inclusive environment.

We are looking to hire in strategic areas with particular attention to data science, cybersecurity, robotics, logistics, software engineering, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, emerging integrated devices and other integrated systems. We are collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in providing advanced facilities and top-tier research and engineering degree programs in Thailand.

  • Our faculty carry a moderate teaching load that allows time for quality research and close involvement with students. We expect you to establish and grow a strong research program, contribute to our teaching mission, and show your passion for mentoring and advising students.
  • We are also looking to hire teaching-track faculty in the area of data science, cybersecurity, embedded systems, software engineering, information technology and entrepreneurship. Teaching-track faculty typically focus exclusively on teaching and service, but may conduct research as well. We will rely on you to help strengthen our teaching and mentoring mission.

For all tracks, we are seeking individuals who hold a PhD in a relevant discipline and have demonstrated commitment to our core values: creativity, quality, innovation, and engineering solutions, all within a diverse and tight-knit community guided by respect and joy of doing. Faculty positions are primarily at the Lecturer or Assistant Professor level; however, appointments may be made at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor depending on the qualifications. Our university is working with public sectors and major private industries in the region. We collaborate with colleagues around the world through a number of formal research and educational programs.